Potshots from the Left

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Potshots from the Left is a collection of op-ed essays and letters to editors written by Glenn Alan Cheney, here under the pseudonym of G. Amicus Curiae. The op-eds appeared in several newspapers across the country, and letters appeared in the New York Times, Washington Post, USA Today, Harper’s, and many others.

Topics include the Pilgrims, healthcare, wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, oil, nuclear power, elections, campaign funding, Israel and Palestine, phone sales, free speech, corporations, the human condition, lobbyists, terrorism, pollution, missile defense, government audits, censorship, nuclear submarines, Brazil, honeybees, stadiums, Egypt, bail-outs, Robert Reich, John McCain, Ralph Nader, Al Gore, George Bush, Ramesh Ponnuru, George Will, Ariel Sharon, and much, much more.

Potshots from the Left is a small paperback of 105 pages.

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