Be Revolutionary:
Some Thoughts from Pope Francis
with a Foreword by
Sister Barbara Staley, MSC
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About Sr. Barbara Staley, MSC

Sr. Barbara Staley, MSC, is the superior general of the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart, which is also known as the Missionary Sisters of Cabrini. Her work has included service with the developmentally disabled in poor and marginalized populations in the United States, street children in New York, undocumented immigrants in Chicago, mental health services in Guatemala, and the establishment of a health clinic and accommodations for orphans in Swaziland. She now resides in Rome.

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The Social Function of Property
Social Activists
Altruism and Hypocrisy
Real Estate
The Value of Workers
The Discarding of People
The War Industry
Plunder of Nature
The Worship of Money
Integrating the Local and the Global
The Cost of Consumerism
The Spreading of Goodness
The Power of God’s Word
The Economy of Exclusion
People as Leftovers
Trickle-down Economics
The Financial Crisis
The Wealth Gap
On Religious Freedom
Superficial Culture
Rejection of the Transcendent
Cultural Crisis within Families
Christian Service
Liberation Communication
Quest for Spirituality
Liberation and Promotion of the Poor
Labor Disparity
Religious Freedom
Irksome Discourse
Market Forces
Global Economics
Stopping Aggressors

Global Economics

Papal Interest

Defense of Species

Nature of Peace

Time and Space

Ideas and Realities

Globalization and Localization

Relations with Islam

Embracing Muslims


Fear of Freedom

Migrants and Refugees


Expectations of the G20


Global Warming

Dialogue with Other Religions



Hidden Slavery



His Prayer in a Mosque

Ongoing Third World War

Atomic Weapons

Middle East Peace

Solidarity and Hunger

Concept of Person

Dignity and Economic Interests

Individual Rights and Duties



Stewardship of Nature

Christians as a Soul

Experimentation with Life



Grassroots Organizations

Abuse of Children by Priests

...and much more

Be Revolutionary is a compilation of thoughts expressed by Pope Francis in letters, speeches, press conferences, and Vatican pronouncements. 

Each thought is presented in a succinct paragraph or two. The sources are listed at the end of the book. The book also includes
 Lengthy excerpts from Laudato Si, the Pope’s encyclical on climate change and the environment. 
• The Pope’s speech before the United States Congress
The Pope
s speech before the General Assembly of the United Nations

Some of the topics he addresses are: