Neighborhood News


Neighborhood News is a satiric philosophical spoof. It’s Lake Wobegon on acid. It’s ideas you’ve never had. It’s a different perspective on the world.

Though based on a real town, Sprague, and using names of real people, this odd novel is fictional to an extreme...and yet in subtle ways (and not always) true.

  1. *A deranged hamster piddles “Please Kill Me” on a classroom floor in perfect Palmer script.

  1. *Conquistadores invade in search of El Dorado.

*Volunteer lawyers arrive for So-Soo-Me Dayz.

  1. *The fire department buys a Tarot Rescue Vehicle.

* Someone named Anonymous Botch posts disturbing poems.

  1. *Camp Neanderthal lets kids go wild.

* The Economic Development Commission gets traded for Punxatawny Phil.

  1. *A hypnotist entrances an entire school.

  1. *Swear words legalized.

  1. *An emperor penguin may be hatching an egg at the corner of Main and West Main.

  1. *Infinity run down on Rt. 97.

* Rod & Gun Cub rents a B-52.

* etc.

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