on the

Cusp of Something


Frankenstein (not his real name) thumbs the nation’s interstates, back and forth, up and down, here and there. He’s lonely, desperate for a human touch, and slightly paranoid of a world too weird to grasp. The only thing Frankenstein does well is wonder.

He’s looking for something but doesn’t know quite what. His father. A job. A hamster farm. His doozy blip. A way out. A way in. A way back. What’s a young loser to do?

He’s on the cusp of so many things — death, discovery, love, insanity, insight, wisdom, and arrest...he just doesn’t know which way to go or what to make of it all. So he sticks his thumb out and hitches a ride to somewhere else.

Then all of a sudden he’s in jail with a three-year-old and insanely in love.

This is a novel of laughter and tears, astonishment and fear. Open it up. Meet Frankenstein. Then see what happens.

Frankenstein on the Cusp of Something is available as an ePub for Kindle, Nook, Kobo, and iPad. Price: $4.99

Paperback:  $9.95

Download an Excerptfrankenstein_files/Frankenstein%20Exerpt.pdf
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