Journey on the Estrada Real

Encounters in the Mountains of Brazil


Brazil’s Estrada Real — the Royal Road — is the oldest road in the Americas. It was built by the Portuguese (or rather, their slaves) in 1697, from Rio de Janeiro inland to the state of Minas Gerais. Its purpose: to bring tons of gold and diamonds down to the coast for shipment to Lisbon.

The road is still there - a dirt road winding through the mountains, passing through cities and villages once opulent, now struggling to maintain their 19th century existence in a 21st century world.

Glenn Alan Cheney walked down the upper 200 miles of the Estrada Real, writing about the people, the culture, history, geography, food, and everything that happened along the way.

The Estrada Real passes through the cradle of the culture of Brazil. Journey on the Estrada Real reveals a side of Brazil few outsiders know.

Journey on the Estrada Real is available in paperback and e-book editions. The latter has photos.

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