Journey to Chernobyl:

Encounters in a Radioactive Zone

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In late 1990, the United Nations sent Glenn Alan Cheney to Stalingrad, USSR, to write about a conference. During the few days he was there, the Soviet Union collapsed, and Cheney decided not to leave.

He took a train to Kiev, hoping to find ot more about the Chernobyl disaster of 1986. At the time, the world believed only a few dozen people had died.

With the Soviet oppression lifted, people were able to speak about the disaster for the first time. Stumbling through a city out of food and on the edge of anarchy, Cheney spoke with doctors, politicians, children, a filmmaker, nuclear engineers from the plant, refugees from the abandoned city of Pripyat, clean-up workers, the director of the city morgue, even people still living inside the contaminated exclusion zone around Chernobyl.

The result is a book largely about people. The stories are as shocking as they are personal and touching. The reader comes away with a broad picture of what happened on April 26, 1986 and the weeks following, and how life was in Ukraine as the Soviet Union disappeared.

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