The Cheney Genealogy

by Charles Henry Pope

with addenda by Glenn Alan Cheney

The Cheney Genealogy, first published in 1897 by Charles Henry Pope, traces the descendants of John and William Cheney, who arrived at Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1635. The genealogy traces the Cheney name through ten generations to year of publication. It includes at least a little narrative information about virtually every descendant of those two Cheneys. 

The current editions of this book that are offered here are reproductions of the original book, but they are in two volumes. Part I follows the descendants of  William Cheney. Part II follows the descendants of John Cheney. 

Glenn Alan Cheney has also appended information on five more generations, from his father’s father’s father, Walter Albert, born in 1879, to his son’s son, Arden Alan, born in 2015. Another appendix traces the lineage to vice president Richard Bruce Cheney and his daughters. 

New London Librarium invites all descendants of anyone in either of these volumes to contribute genealogical information for a subsequent edition of the book. The book includes information on that process. 

The Cheney Genealogy--Part I: Descendants of William Cheney, is 255 pages long. 

The Cheney Genealogy--Part II: Descendants of John Cheney, is 444 pages long.
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