The Cat Caboodle has about half a ton of facts about millenniums of cats, stuff a lot of people don’t know. Even cats don’t know this stuff. (Well, some of it.) The Caboodle is a book for people who love cats and want to know them better, inside and out. It’s an odd compendium of curiosities that add up to education and 
entertainment. To read it is to learn, 
laugh, and love cats a little more. 

Some of the questions this book answers:

Why (and how) does a cat purr?
Who was the first cat in space and where was she from?
Does your cat love you or your food?
What’s dangerous about clumping kitty litter?
How are litter, litter, and litter related? 
What happened to Hemingway’s cats during Hurricane Irma?
Why can’t domestic cats roar?
How many cats served in World War I?
In the end, who got the Rally Cat?
Why are cats stealthier than dogs? 
Which ship’s cat’s ships kept sinking?
What was done to cats in the Dark Ages? 
What do you call a female cat? 
What’s catnip all about?
How do you change the batteries in a Hasbro Joy for AllTM robocat?
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Shipping—Flat rate for any number of copies: $3.49

The Cat Caboodle 
A Litter Box of Cat Facts and Curiosities
by Glenn Alan Cheney  

Paperback, 130 pages, $8.95