Acts of Ineffable Love:

Stories by Glenn Cheney


Acts of Ineffable Love is a collection of short stories by Glenn Alan Cheney that appeared in various literary magazines.

It was like a womb down there, the womb of a woman who lived beer.

from A Wife Like a Vat of Beer

You could look at this kid not much bigger than a rabbit, and all you can think is Moses.

from The First Commandment

This Dodge has headed west before, but never like this, never empty.

from What Happens When a Dodge Gets Old

Talk about pimples, Hally brought in this kid who looked like he had the weight fo the world on his face.

from Bail

Only on Sundays, in church, would you know that Cyme, Kansas, had a lousy barber.

from Barber Joe

The only thing standing between me and accountancy was three little pigs.

from Why I Didn’t Go

This is the promised land of the next millennium. Frogs are the cattle of the future, and Brazil is the land of frogs.

from Science and the Art of Frogs


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